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Greece, a.d. 2020

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The land it's our land, The revenge it's our promise.

In Syria they are not fighting against a people or against a state. An idea is being fought in Syria. The idea that a different world is possible, the idea of ​​a society based on gender equality, tolerance and the freedom of self-determination of the individual. A society where nobody exploits the work of anyone else and all contribute to the social and political life of the community.

It is an ethical substitution, not an ethnic one.

In these disastrous days I had the good fortune to meet Eddi Marcucci and the privilege of listening to her words. Eddi has fought personally in northern Syria. Her eyes are proud, a thousand kilometers deep and when she tells of the Kurdish dream his voice trembles. She taught me that for them, for Kurdish fighters, revenge is not made of blood and death. The law of retaliation has nothing to do with it.

Their revenge will be peace.
Their revenge will be the fulfillment of the dream.
Their …